Customers and users of a company's products or services are often passionate advocates who can be valuable sources for recruiting top talent.

By integrating referral recruitment into customer engagement channels such as in-app notifications, NPS surveys, and product newsletters, companies can leverage their existing user base to source high-quality candidates.

Vouch simplifies this process, enabling seamless integration of referral requests into various touchpoints.

Here’s how to effectively engage your customers and users using Vouch.

Why engage customers and users for referrals?

Engaging customers and users in the recruitment process offers several key benefits:

  1. Product advocacy: Customers who are satisfied with your products or services are likely to advocate for your company and refer talented individuals within their network.
  2. Domain expertise: Users who are familiar with your company's products or services possess domain expertise and can recommend candidates who are well-suited for specific roles.
  3. Trust and credibility: Referrals from satisfied customers or users carry significant credibility and trust, making them more likely to be considered by potential candidates.
  4. Community-building: Involving customers and users in the referral process fosters a sense of community and collaboration, strengthening their relationship with your company.
  5. Mutual benefit: Customers and users who refer successful candidates may feel a sense of ownership and pride in contributing to your company's growth, leading to increased loyalty and engagement.

Strategies for engaging customers and users with Vouch

Offer user-friendly referral submission tool in Vouch that can tap into existing customer engagement channels to streamline the referral process and encourage participation.

  1. Integration with customer engagement channels:
  2. Highlight referral program benefits:
  3. Offer incentives and recognition:
  4. Educate and inform:

Sample Outreach to Customers and Users for Referral Participation

You can tailor this to each position through the Vouch User guide: Campaigns feature.

In-App Notification Template: