<aside> 💡 After publishing your listing, it’s time to share it. Your network cannot refer candidates if they don’t know you are looking for referrals



  1. Figure out what audiences you want to engage
  2. Create campaigns and marketing assets tailored to each audience
  3. Share with your target audiences to help them refer talent or spread the word for you

Why campaigns matter

After publishing your job listing, the next crucial step is to share it. Your network can't refer candidates if they don't know you're looking.

Campaigns help you reach different target audiences, ensuring your listing gets the visibility it needs.

Step-by-Step guide to setting up campaigns

Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 14.09.46.png

1. Create a Campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns Section
  2. Select Your Target Audience

2. Customize your campaign

Vouch 2.0 Campaigns.png

  1. Create separate campaigns
  2. Customize sharing links
  3. Add customizable sharing images
  4. Craft compelling blurbs