Alumni networks are valuable assets for companies, comprising former employees who maintain a strong connection and affinity with their former employer.

Engaging alumni in the recruitment process can yield high-quality referrals, leveraging their industry experience and professional networks.

Vouch simplifies this process, enabling companies to seamlessly integrate alumni into their referral strategy. Here’s how to effectively engage your alumni network using Vouch.

Why engage alumni with Vouch?

Engaging alumni in the recruitment process offers several key benefits:

  1. Built-in trust and connection: Alumni have firsthand experience with the company culture, values, and work environment, making their referrals highly credible and trusted.
  2. Extended network reach: Alumni maintain connections with current employees, industry peers, and other professionals, expanding the reach of recruitment efforts.
  3. Cultural fit and familiarity: Alumni are familiar with the company's culture and values, enabling them to refer candidates who are likely to be a good cultural fit.
  4. Mutual benefit: Engaging alumni fosters a sense of community and belonging, reinforcing their connection with the company and providing them with an opportunity to contribute to its success.

Strategies for engaging alumni with Vouch

  1. Build and nurture relationships:
  2. Highlight the referral program:
  3. Provide an easy referral tool in Vouch:
  4. Offer incentives and recognition:
  5. Educate alumni on open positions:

Sample Outreach to Alumni for Referral Participation

You can tailor this to each position through the Vouch User guide: Campaigns feature.

Alumni communication template:

Subject: Join our alumni referral program and earn rewards!