The reward is the amount that the voucher sees on the platform and in the marketing communication about the position(s), which will be paid in full upon hiring the candidate.

Employers decide for themselves what the reward amount for the position should be, but we recommend a reward of more than NOK 20,000 to trigger attention from the audience. The size of the amount does have a measurable impact on the number of referrals received as it comes with some wow effect. However, we see that the main motivation for referring candidates is not purely monetary but even more to help, nudge, or otherwise support talented individuals in their own networks.

Vouch does not earn anything from the reward listed on the platform and is only intended to give a fair reward to those who want to help their network with new opportunities. When recruiting for multiple positions, it may be appropriate and natural to price executive positions higher than others.

Note that the reward is treated as taxable income for the voucher and that the Employer's social security contributions will, if relevant, be added to the reward amount when invoiced to customers.