Direct outreach is a proactive recruitment strategy where companies identify potential candidates and approach them directly to gauge their interest in open positions. This approach can yield high-quality candidates, but it often requires persistence and strategic follow-ups. Vouch can enhance your direct outreach efforts by transforming initial rejections into opportunities for referrals. This playbook will guide you on how to integrate Vouch into your direct outreach strategy effectively.

Why direct outreach?

Direct outreach allows recruiters to target specific candidates who fit the job description perfectly. By taking the initiative to contact these individuals, you can:

The power of Vouch in direct outreach

When a candidate declines an offer, Vouch can turn that rejection into a referral opportunity. By asking the candidate to vouch for someone else who might be a good fit, you can tap into their network and potentially find a suitable candidate. Vouch simplifies this process by managing the referral system, including reward payments and communication, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Steps for using Vouch in direct outreach

  1. Identify potential candidates:
  2. Craft a compelling outreach message:
  3. Follow up on rejections with a referral request:
  4. Track and manage referrals:

Templates for direct outreach

Initial outreach message (less direct – works for both referrals, and if they are interested they may refer themselves):

Subject: Know anyone for [Position]?


Hi [Candidate Name],

I came across your profile and was impressed by your experience in [specific area]. I bet you know someone with a similar profile that could be open to an exciting opportunity at [Company Name] for a [Position].