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Engaging candidates effectively is crucial to ensuring a positive recruitment experience and securing top talent.

The Vouch platform streamlines this process by leveraging the power of referrals and providing a comprehensive toolset for managing candidate interactions.

This playbook will guide you on how to effectively engage candidates through Vouch, with a special focus on treating candidates as equals, given that many have not applied in the traditional sense but have been vouched for by your network.

Why engagement matters

Effective candidate engagement is key to maintaining interest, ensuring a positive experience, and ultimately converting top candidates into hires.

Engaged candidates are more likely to feel valued and motivated, which enhances their perception of your company and increases the likelihood of them accepting an offer.

1. Initial outreach

Why it's important: The first interaction sets the tone for the entire recruitment process. A personalised and professional outreach message can make candidates feel valued and respected, especially important for those who haven’t applied directly but have been referred.

How to do it:

Practical example (or use our templates): "Hi [Candidate Name], I'm [Your Name] from [Company Name]. [Voucher's Name] spoke highly of your work in [specific area]. We have an exciting opportunity for a [Job Title] that I believe aligns well with your skills. I'd love to discuss this further. Can we schedule a call this week?"

2. Emphasise an equal and inclusive interview process

Why it's important: Candidates vouched for by your network may not have formally applied and might feel different from traditional applicants. An equal and inclusive process helps them feel on par with those who applied directly.

How to do it: