As an HR manager or business leader, you recognize the challenges in finding the right candidates and the significant resources consumed in the recruitment process. Sometimes, other managers in your company don’t have the same insight into the challenges faced when recruiting.

Therefore, internal buy-in is important to get the most out of a a product like Vouch – even though the upfront cost is negligible. It may involvee a strategic approach that highlights the platform's benefits and addresses key pain points.

This playbook will provide a comprehensive guide for gaining internal buy-in and encouraging organizational use of Vouch.

1. Identify pain points and challenges

Present the problem: "According to industry research and our experience, traditional recruitment methods consume excessive time and resources, often resulting in prolonged vacancies and suboptimal hires. We face significant challenges in sourcing the right candidates in the most effective way and often need to rely on external, expensive help to help source especially passive candidates."

Highlight statistics:

Emphasise referrals:

2. Showcase the benefits of Vouch

Referral network utilization: "Vouch facilitates tapping into referral networks, which data indicates is the most effective way people discover new job opportunities."

Efficiency in candidate sourcing: "By leveraging Vouch, we can efficiently connect with passive candidates through employee, alumni and customer referrals, reducing time-to-hire and enhancing recruitment outcomes."

Better candidate experience:

“Candidates through Vouch come vouched for, meaning they don’t have to write cover letters and actively apply. This means they are more on even terms with us as an employer and will feel better in our first interactions. We even have to convince them to join, and it creates a recruitment process similar to dating.”

Cost-effectiveness: "Compared to traditional recruitment methods, Vouch offers a cost-effective solution by leveraging existing networks and streamlining the referral process. Most of the cost, such as the referral reward, is only payable upon hire. "

Success stories: "We've compiled success stories of companies similar to ours that have effectively used Vouch to fill positions and improve recruitment outcomes. Let's explore these case studies together. You can read more here:"

3. Address concerns and objections

  1. Objection: "I'm worried about the quality of candidates from a referral program."